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Gf contacting ex daily

Hi, I am in a lesbian relationship. Me and my gf fell in love while she was in another, long-term relationship for a good 7 years. She broke up with her ex over me and we started a relationship, which is going very well, we have good sex, communication, but sometimes we fight because of slight incompatibilities. Overall, however, I can attest to the fact that she seems very much in love with me, she cares about me and we have so much fun. Occasionally we fight but when this happens she gets so upset that I am sure she loves me.

Anyway, with her ex they had a strictly platonic relationship as my gf lost sexual attraction to her from the first months of their relationship already (they stopped having sex altogether and she told me she would see her as a teddy bear and wouldn't get jealous if she thought she could get intimate with someone else). However, they still had a very strong, codependent and affectionate bond and continued the relationship for 7 years until she met and fell in love with me. She told me that it is the first time she feels romantic love and not just puppy love. She realized that she only saw her ex as a best friend and not as a lover and that she could not continue their 'relationship', so she broke up with her telling her the truth.

We don't live together but we sleep together twice per week. I thought, based on my gf's confession, that her ex had moved out of their flat (house belongs to my gf only) when they broke up. However, it seems that they still live together when she is not at my place (for no apparent reason, ex has parents and can go live with them) and sleep in the same bed throughout all this time. What is more, my gf texts her every day saying that she misses her and that she is the love of her life, that she cant't wait to see her again and overwhelm her with hugs, that she is not in love with me and that she can't wait to have experiences with her, like trips etc and that she wishes she (her ex) was a little toy or kitten so that she could carry her on her all the time so as not to separate (!). She even makes holiday plans with her and calls her sweet names (but not sexual ones). When her ex acts a bit distant in the texts they exchange, my gf asks her 'why aren't you sweet with me'? Please tell me you miss me'. She also says that she can't be emotionally involved with anyone else because she thinks of her all the time and she cries over her (I find that hard to believe as she seems quite sentimental with me). Moreover, she lets her ex use her credit card without any limit and still does. She even told her that I am just a footnote in her life whereas her ex is the main chapter and that sometimes I irritate her because we are not very compatible, with which I honestly do not agree. However, when her ex asked her if they could get back together sometime in the future she said no because their relationship was not of a truly 'romantic' type but they are each other's most important person. I know all this because I saw messages on her phone when she left it accidentally at home one day.

I don't know how to feel. I mean I know she seems very much in love with me, she likes having sex with me and I also know that she is not attracted to her ex at all so I know they are not getting physical and that these messages are not suspicious but only of a sweet type. Her ex still very much wants her mind you. What bothers me that she hid from me the fact that they still live together (when she does not sleep at my place) and that she texts her ex daily, saying that she misses her. Perhaps she is guilty because she dumped her for me and now the ex is suffering and all these are lies but still. I know its a different type of love than ours, mostly of the friendly type but I am wondering if this is normal or she is not 100% into me as I used to think, especially because she said she is not in love with me, even though it seems otherwise. I can't admit what I saw to her, because I feel extremely bad for violating her privacy. Any thoughts?

Sorry for my English.

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