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“Splitting costs unfairly”

I know every or most marriages have money issues.We always split the bills down the middle which I feel is fair but 2 years ago after he paid for funeral expenses for his dad we stopped splitting so he could pay off his credit cards. Eventualy, he continued to use credit cards for whatever, food, vacations etc.. always his choice though. Anyway, he has 2 paid off now and I think we should start splitting again. I dont feel its been fair! He says they are our bills and that he pays more than i do but he doesnt i do and have been! Credit cards are his personal bill . Mortgage water electric cable should be split down the middle.. I dont think credit cards should be included in splitting but he thinks it should be counted as paying since he may have used it for house or on me.

I did the calculations Since January (not incuding credit cards) and I dont include my cards. I pay the rent, cable, and cell phones (his cell phone too)! He pays electric, water, sewage, car insurance for three vehicles but pays for the vehicle i drive (two are his work trucks and I do drive his 2002 suv as he crashed my lexus into a tree 4 years ago). It's def going to cause an argument but it needs to be discussed.

How do I make my point across to him that credit cards are a personal expense - his bill not our bill? He does by more food than I do but i do still buy some and i pay more. I haven't event included food in the totals. He keeps throwing that he paid $1200 in bills which he is including his credit cards Payments which he pays more than the scheduled or required amount due. Thanks in advance!!

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