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My partner's friend snubs me

Hey guys, my partner and I have been together 12 years and we have a baby who's almost 1. My partner has been working somewhere the last few years and he connected with his work colleagues as friends, they've all been lovely to me apart from 1.

She snubs me everytime I see her. If we're out I will say hello to her, she completely ignores me and only talks to my partner. This has happened several times now and I mentioned it to my partner. He ended up saying he feels sorry for her because she's not in a relationship with anyone.

We saw her yesterday and it happened again, she saw me and left the area of the cafe we were in and went elsewhere and on the way out we said hello, she was all chatty to him but ignored me completely. It's actually starting to bother me now. Am I overreacting or should I say anything more about it?

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