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“My fiance and his ex”

My fiance took our two-year-old son to his ex's house and left him there for her to watch him... not sure why because when I asked him he lost his marbles and called me a fu*&ing b*tch and a c*nt. I was never told he was going there and i only found out four months later through pictures I found. Note - I do not know his ex or her family. And now he's mad at me because he thinks I'm wrong. Also in my other discoveries, he tells her when my son is sick, and shares daily information about what he is doing. She has made him dinner for him to take home when he goes to say hi to his daughter, she calls and texts everyday all day long, morning to night. She bought him a birthday cake, which he went to pick up. There's so much more but I can't even type it all. What do you all think?

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