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“My daughter doesn't want to spend time with her dad”

My ex and I split up in October 2016 so have been apart for nearly three years. We went through a court "battle" earlier this year as we couldn't agree visitation. We both "won" and "lost" some points and currently, our daughter is with me for 10 nights out of 14 and the visitation was set via the court order. Our daughter was deemed to be too young at the time to be able to give an opinion on matters (she was seven in June) and so it was all decided for her. I'm not biased in anyway as throughout the separation and everything, I know I've done what is right for her.

The way things work now work really well. However, in recent months she has advised me, and others that she no longer wants to see her dad or spend time with him or his new family. It's horrid to hear as I don't feel like I can do anything about it. I encourage her to speak openly to her dad and hope that she will as I know if I do, he'll see me as being bitter when all I want is for her to be happy.

Today at school drop off she clung to me like she never has before and it's his weekend to have her. I was encouraging and smiley when deep down my heart was breaking. What do I do? Our communication isn't great as there are other issues as well. I wonder if I should speak to my solicitor again and go down that route if she doesn't speak to him. I can't sit back and watch her be upset over something that I deem is fixable if he can accept she's growing up and her feelings are changing.

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