“My ex wants full custody”
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Hello. I need advice. Me and my ex partner have a child together. Our son lives with me and sees his mum on weekends. We have a court order which my ex never really kept to but it was September 2014 the trouble came about. Every time I picked my son up, my ex's new partner always tried to assault me when I picked our son up which my our son was present.

Police were called numerous times but nothing got sorted but as I sed. 2014 my ex stopped seeing our son but then, come 2018, she has come back on the scene saying I've breached our court order which I haven't.

I offered alternative because our son didn't want to stay at her house or be near her partner. I offered 1 to 1 with just him and her but this wasn't gd enough for her. Now she keeps messaging me sayin she going for full custody of our son cause I'm going to prison for breach of the order. I've kept every message from 2014 til 2018.

Any advice on wt to do would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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