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“Ex-husband not sticking to the court order for 2 years”

Basically we have a court order in place which my ex requested out of the blue as he disappeared from our lives for nearly 2 years to live in Spain with zero contact then he took me to court saying I had made it difficult for him to see the girls.

Anyway 2 years down the road and he is constantly changing the court order. Has never stuck to any of it and always letting the girls down with various reasons. The latest being that he cannot afford to feed the children despite being on 50k a year! (This is because the CMS are now deducting the maintenance from his wages and being the control freak that he is he is less than happy about this. This is his latest excuse.

I got 1/2 hour free this morning with a solicitor and she advised me to not yet go back to court and I pointed out that he would not go for mediation so she suggested to write a non confrontational letter saying that I understand he is having difficulties sticking to the order and therefore as of next week contact will be as follows and propose 5 hours one Saturday afternoon. She also said to politely mention the court order and say that it will need reviewing if the above suggestion doesn't work for him. How can I politely word this in a non confrontational way as otherwise he will kick off verbally which panics me.

Thanks in advance.

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