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Lost sex drive after childbirth

My girlfriend and I are in a six year relationship. When we first got together we had sex all the time. Anytime we were near each other we seemed to have sex. Then naturally as we settled into our long term relationship we had sex frequently but not as much.

We had our first child together 18 months ago. We didn't have sex for a few months after that which I was completely fine about because I understand that she wanted to heal and we had both gone into full parent mode! We had sex for the first time 6 months after our child was born and it was great to feel connected together again. Since then we would have sex every once a while but would regularly go between 8-10 weeks in between times.

My girlfriend told me recently that since our child was born she has lost her sex drive. She said she finds it really frustrating because she misses us being intimate together but she just never feels in the mood. We have spoken about it a couple of times but nothing seems to come of it. She has said to me to still try and initiate things because she might still want to if the mood takes her but I have lost all confidence due to being knocked back a couple of times.

I’m finding it so hard because I really am sensitive to how she’s feeling but at the same time I’m so frustrated but do not want to tell her because I don’t want to come across insensitive. I love her and my child so much and just don’t know what to do!

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