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I have a boyfriend of over 7 months which I know isn't long. He is my first boyfriend and we had a shaky start and only really properly clicked a couple months into the relationship. And it was going well other than a few disagreements but I kept noticing things like how I hadn't ment any of his family other than him saying that they wanting to meet me.

A d I didn't like how much he smothed and ext... so I was fine with it all but I while out with onother mutual friend who was mine first we were drinking and having a heart to heart he admitted he would totally date me. And when drinkign at another opertunity he had said in front of me and others that it's a pitty I'm taken. This would be fine but he was also strocking my hair and being very forward.

And I've always found him cute and sweet and lovely and kind and always had a lil thing for J but nothing bout it. Tho when with my now boyfriend we were quick into things and I was questioning things for a while. But I don't know what to do and I don't know how I feel. I don't know what to do and was looking for some advice. I feel like I should leave my current boyfriend habd have some time alone to think thinks over then see if the other man is feeling the same or if I should stay with who I have now. Its the case that I don't know how me and my current bf are gonna last and I sent know if I see a future with him anymore. Or if I ever did. I almost find him irritating now and I'm struggling with what to do .

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