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"17 months back"

Seventeen months back, a week before i got into my relationship i had a 1 night stand with other girl. A week after I came into a relationship and now my so-called ex-best-friend has told her about that thing. When relationship started I never knew it would get this serious or i will fall in love with her this much in 17 months we gad are both good and bad phase but we stick through with each other in our thick n thin

i dont know what should i do mow i was a way different person back then then what i m now i love her like crazy n i don’t wanna lose her but along with the truth that guy has planted many lies in her to about me which i dont know she has been avoiding me ever since n now started talking to that guy n that guy has ruined her life in the past i was his best friend he manipulated me to he even tried hitting in her last year when i was his best friend instead of confronting i just cut him of right now my girlfriend is all into his words hasn’t talked to me for 31days

i m trying to contact her i just wanna tell her my side n all i want is for her to not judge me on who i was but who i m now n whatever i m its because of her cause she was the one who took me out showed me the reality of my that friend

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