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“I’m having an affair”

I have been having an affair with a married man for nearly three years now. We met first off in 2002 when we lived on the same street and had a fling and both became sexually and emotionally attached but I ended it after three months as I knew it could go no further but hurt both of us deeply.

In April 2017 we came back in touch by chance and almost immediately started the affair again and is still going on now. I was in a relationship at the start of it but my then partner found out five months into the affair as I ended it and X told a mutual friend of my partner's son and it all came out. I made it clear to my partner that I was in love with X and it was unfair to carry on in our relationship but he wouldn’t have any of it demanding that I at least owed it to him to try. He forbid me to see X even though we have still managed it ever since.

My lover said he and his wife hadn’t been intimate since November 2016 and we’re more like housemates and I’ve always chosen to believe him. Recently I’ve parted for good with my partner (I would still have ended it if I wasn’t in love with X as the relationship had taken its toll). My lover claimed that, as soon as his only son who’s 21 found a home for him and his girlfriend, he and his wife would be separating. But now my ex is out of the picture he just says “we’ll eventually be together or “it’s not as easy as that and now I’m wondering if he is really the person I thought he was I really don’t know what to do?!

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