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“Caught my wife sexting”

My wife lost her whole family since 2016. She was working with a friend of ours for over 20 years. She had only been on the job for a year until she lost both parents 28 days apart. Well she became friends with the people at work and sees them on lunch. Soon after she starts going to Kroger everyday at 3pm. I see her there with my friend. It went on for months.

I told her how I felt then she got mad said she cant have any friends. I said its disrespectful as a wife to be hanging out with a guy, when you are married. I wouldn't do that. I just don't see it as very good thing for married people to do. We have been together since we were 14. I thought she had stopped. I drove buy one day the they are at Kroger's, just there, nowhere else. I hoped she would admit it she didn't. I said I seen you at Kroger's it seemed harmless he too had lost his parents. I thought maybe there was some relief like helpful counseling. This was 2017.

Then on my birthday Nov 1st 2019 she says her macbook is frozen up. I look into it, fix it, then find her sexy pics and I love you I can't live without you. And there were deleted texts. He said, you want me to erase all this? She said, no I don't care. I trust you because I love you.

I immediately handed her her macbook fixed open to that page. She said, stop what's the matter? like I had been into something. I said, I read your text and seen your pics to the man you love she says he tells everyone he loves them. I said, well everyone don't say it back and send naked pics. I saw them but as soon as they opened they were gone. Like stuck, frozen in delete. But it was a thumbnail. I said no way. I ask her, she swears she never sent nothing like that. I went on and we decided drop it. She dropped contact.

I'm OK with electronics so I got everything so I can see it. She sent nothing. She quit, stopped immediately. She saw how bad I was hurt and how bad he was getting ready to be. So I buy a Walmart phone, start catfishing him. He believes it because I knew the answers to his questions from her text said. What's your favorite pic? he said. I like them all, I said since I don't have my I phone I lost everything. He said, I still have them all. I said, can you send them to me? He goes for it. I was horrified. My wife is naked several times - some pics that make Hustler look like Disneyworld.

Well, at this point in time we moved to Florida. I own a construction company and was 1,000 miles from the guy. But if she don't admit to that until I show her and says she don't remember the text because she was drinking. He sent me forwards of his favorite text, what had happened in the three years we're at home, she swears no sex. I catfished the guy, I said. I just told him we had sex, he said why that's a lie only thing you did was send me pics. He says at that point things would have changed. Or would have ruined our friendship if we really did it. He says was just fun to talk about.

I'm with her still because she has no family and I love her. But I am starting to think that I'm kidding myself. The love and becoming distant I told her tonight I didn't think I was in love with her anymore, but I still love her. She has broken me into a million pieces and thinks its supposed to go away. The pain hasn't stopped. I don't think it will. She said she was on all kinds of zoloft and antidepressants. It didn't feel real. I said it was real and she's hiding behind that. I think I'm going to have to end this marriage right before our 25-year anniversary. But she doesn't want to now she sees how bad it hurt me. I don't think it with stop hurting until I move on. Should I end it?

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