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Tired of the accusations

So to start my story off, my bf and I have been dating for going on 8 years. However, I've always been a very personal person to a certain point. I don't like it if anyone goes through my phone. I don't know why I'm like that but I just am. I also like taking calls privately but again ive always been that way. My bf walks in my room this morning wanting to take my phone so he can open the gate to get out our complex to go to the shop.. But why use my phone? Why not use his. I woke up suddenly. And then he started with me accusing me of basically cheating and it really upset me cos I really am not. Work and everything has taken a toll recently so when I get home I just wanna relax and have some time of my own. Why is that hard? Yet I get accused. I told him he can use his own phone for the gate. He said he hasn't got airtime.... But why not buy? I feel he uses an excuse to try get access to my phone and it annoys me

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