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“My girlfriend cheated on me”

My girlfriend was avoiding me last night - not wanted to text like we usually do, saying that she was busy with school stuff. Then i asked if she wanted me to call to give her motivational support and she paused for a long time before she called me. She was crying and cussing at herself saying that I am going to hate her and that she fucked up and that she doesn't deserve me. She was reluctant to say what happened but I convinced her to tell me.

Yesterday a guy from her childhood asked her to go rock climbing with him and she said yes thinking they could hang out as friends. But she says he picked her up and drove her there then he peer pressured her into doing bad stuff. They didn't have sex but she says he did stuff to her and she held his penis and sat in his lap.

I feel sick and dead inside. The one thing we both said we could never forgive in a relationship was cheating. She basically went on a date with him and all and she didn't tell me or ask me about it first. (mind you this guy did stuff to her in the past as a kid, like convincing her to send him nude pics and groping her but they never had sex, I knew about this cause she told me and wanted me to know but then he randomly texted her out of the blue to hang out last night).

We talked on the phone till i couldn't take it anymore and then we texted till 3am. I love her and don't want to dump her but I don't know what to do, How can I trust her or forgive her? She just cussed herself out non stop saying that she fucked up and that she is worthless and doesn't deserve me and that she wishes she could just die cause she ruins everything that she touches. she kept saying stuff like that, i know that she is to blame whether she was peer pressured or not but I want to blame him. I'd rather hate him than her but she says that she needs to take the blame and hates herself. What do i do?

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