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Narcissists and marriages

Hi. I'm new on here and have so many questions about this topic. I know with marriage you need to be a team to make things work. But recently I was kicked out because I did not want to cut my hours of work because we do not have part time hours and let him claim my kids and I because I make good he told me if I wasn't willing to change and think about his paycheck so he can pay bills then I need to leave. Now yesterday he told me we need to see a male counselor for couples and try to make things work for him. Not my kids or even us just himself. There were times before where I had he has kicked me out before and I always went bac.. this time I don't know what to do I'm lost. I feel like maybe I am the one who is at fualt but I have recently learned about narcissist people. He does show a lot of red flags in our relationship. Like blaming me for everything that goes wrong for him or he will tell me that I'm the one that needs to be fixed because I'm the problem and as soon as I see someone to help me get fixed we can work things out. He is mean to my 12 year old daughter and doesn't even bother paying attention to our 5 year old son. I'm lost at to do I love him I don't want to put him before my kids. Please someone help?

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