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im in a relationship with this Guy 1 for almost 3 years now, through ups and downs. he can easily get stressed. one day i annoyed him for 3 days telling him that he treated pretty girls better than anyone else. on the third day i guess, he yelled at me, called me cheap, bitch, pathetic and even asked me to die. he was really angry. well he used to scold me before but not that bad and he apologized. things get worsen when i caught him lying to me for more than a year, he lied about him unfollowing his ex on IG. Its not a big deal but it hurts me, I asked him multiple times and he chose to lie.

Now im talking to someone new, he seems so much calmer and understanding but I just met him. Im confused. This new guy is so excited to explore life with me. But still my bf..i think he is trying to fix things but we aren’t that close anymore, I feel really disappointed about him lying to me...idk if things gonna get better. Should I just go to the new guy or me. Thanks

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