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I don’t think I want to be with my husband anymore

I met my husband in 2008 whilst I was going through a divorce to my first husband who had cheated on me. We got married very quickly 2010 and had a child in the same year (I already had 3 children ). He was everything my ex husband wasn’t, kind caring loving and treated me like a princess.

Then it all changed soon after our child was born. He became almost controlling, I struggled to talk to him asi was always frightened of what he said back to me. Now fast forward to now amd he’s totally nasistic. He hates me working, he always wants to have the masters clothing, gadgets etc he has to fit in, me on other hand am not materialistic. He wastes money and makes out he’s something special to others but he had nothing before being with me. He’s always looking at cars and wanting new ones, think we’ve had 7 cars in 10 years!!

He’s just got so spiteful, he’s rude to me and then expect sex in return, I can’t bare him near me. We’ve had sex once in 3 years as the thought repulse me. Everything he does repulse me. He’s always had a problem with my eldest son who is now a police officer, he seems jealous of our relationship. I am at my wits end. Even our child together wishes he would move out the thing is I know he won’t go! It’s my house from before him and is a counci house. I never put his name on it as I never did trust him. What do I do??? I don’t need a man I just want it to be me and my children from now on.

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