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"Struggling after 21 years of marriage"

Today is our 21st anniversary. Started out nice but within two hours he cursed at me like he does every day for a while now and refused to apologize for it, then he left for an hour (he snuck out drive away and cane back silently) and nothing... no anniversary card, no gift... I got ready... he never took me to dinner.

He has been on a different floor ignoring me all day and night, silence. Does anyone know someone like this? I’m unhappy... with children, would love for it to work but I’m tired of the silent treatment. We rarely have sex, maybe three times a year now... we sleep seperatly most of the time now... we rarely talk this past year. He hasn’t intimately kissed me in years.

I’m an attractive woman, never cheated... a great mother, and he has cheated on me once that I found out about early in our marriage. He belittled me to my children, he’s physically abused me in the first 10 years of our marriage... and he verbally and mentally assaults me daily.

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