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Right girl, wrong time? Confused and lost

I'm dating this girl right now who I really like. However, I have a best friend that I've known my whole life and I developed a really strong friendship with her in high school and we have maintained that friendship through college as well. We have had feelings for each other but never really acted on it because at the time we were and still are going to different colleges. We still talk and text every day. I feel like I have a relationship with her like I've had with no other girl before. She always likes to say we are going to get married some day and stuff like that, she always ask when I'm going to move back, and I say when I graduate, which is this upcoming year.

I have a girlfriend right now and she has a boyfriend right now. It makes me mad to see her with this dude because he is such a loser. Grandparents are paying for his college and he doesn't care that he fails some of his classes and he has even cheated on her before. She is a super pretty girl who could easily get any guy she wants. It upsets me very much that he is such a loser. I know she has shown feelings of jealousy when I've mentioned my girlfriend or other girls.

My dilemma here, is I don't know how to proceed. I really like the girl I'm dating now, and I know she is aware of my friend, and I don't want her to be jealous of the friendship I have with this girl. She sees the relationship we have and it something that comes about because we have known each other almost our whole lives. My girlfriend now still has another three years of college, I only have one. We have been in a relationship since October 2020. I will be moving back home after I graduate, and I really don't see how the relationship can continue to happen when we are so far away and she still has three years of school. I don't want to be the dude that breaks up with a girl and then gets with the girl the ex was worried about the whole time. I feel like that makes me look bad but then again what does it matter if I don't see this girl again? Getting with my friend isnt a garunteed thing, but I just have this feeling.

How do I communicate to my girlfriend now that things might come to an end when I graduate, does she maybe already know this? I just don't want to break any hearts.

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