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“My boyfriend is not interested in me sexually”

I just turned 49 and my boyfriend is 45. We have been in a relationship going on six years. We used to have sex a little, but now it's been almost a year. He says he loves me and he cuddles but that's it. When we do have sex I have to initiate it, and he gets off and that's it. He only wants to do it missionary or me on top. I asked him if he wanted to try any other way and he replied, "We aren't porn stars," and any time I try to bring up the subject, he says, "Is that all you think about?" or "Sex isn't everything."

I feel like there must be something wrong with me, I must be too old or fat and ugly. I don't even let him see me undress anymore. And thing is, I feel like if he did want sex now it would not be because he wanted to, but only because he had to. That isn't any better. If I left him, I feel so self-conscious that I don't think I could enjoy myself. And they say the grass is not greener on the other side. Other than no sex we get along good. I feel trapped, so to speak. I don't know what to do. I mean I'm already 49 and if he doesn't want me sexually, who else will?

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