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"I've always had the higher sex drive"

We have been together for 2 and half years. I've always had the higher sex drive but until recently this hasn't been an issue. He's even bought tablets online to help him "keep up" . But in the first year together we had made a joke about getting it done 40 something times in a month(something to do with it being the healthy amount of times for a guy to ejacualte) and during this month, although we didnt get it done that many times, he didnt struggle at all to be interested or active.

We only see each other 3 times a week for about 4 -6 hours. Sometimes I'm lucky if he stays over (honestly , this doesnt really seem like much time for a committed relationship of 2 and half years ) but because im still sexually attracted to him , I would happily have sex each night he is over but all of a sudden he is now always saying no. I even tried to take his coat off when we were sat watching a movie so I could cuddle in to him properly and even that was met with "im not in the mood"

I've explained to him why I want to have sex, that it's not just sex and I've explained how the rejection makes me feel , as its 99.8% been me initiating it from day one , it's me that plans all the "date night" ideas , it was always me having to arrange plans etc , feels like its always me giving to keep things working and now this is happening . I even tried waking him up seductively the other morning and that was met with "dont you'll wake him up, I've got work " - work wasnt for 2 hours and it only takes 40-60 mins to get to work

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