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New first time parents, no trust

Myself 25f and my partner 25m have been together for about three years. We met during the pandemic online. I took a risk and flew out to meet him during the pandemic knowing that I wouldn’t be able to return home until the borders opened up again (we lived in different countries at the time). Thankfully we hit it off as we had online and started to make plans for us both to move back to my country. The first year was great. He always asked that we start doing onlyfans. And because of my job and being from a small town I didn’t want to take the chance that someone from my community would find the accounts. He kept asking for about a year and I kept giving all my reasons for not feeling comfortable doing it. Eventually though he talked me around and we set up accounts. Things picked up quickly and we were having a lot of fun posting. Initially it was just my own account for the two of us but I encouraged him to set up his own to reach a wider audience. He did and it also picked up very quickly.

One day I received a message that basically said they’d had a message from my other account. They sent me a screen shot and it was an account I’d never seen before with a photo of myself and my partner as the icon. I should note the accounts we had set up together didn’t ever show my face but this icon did. It scared me to death. I thought someone had hacked my iCloud or something. My partner helped me to look for this account that had sent the message but neither of us could find it. I was worried sick that all my concerns had come true. After a few hours of me spiralling in anxiety my partner admitted to me that he had created the account during the first year of our relationship. He had been posting all that time that I was giving him all my reasons for not being comfortable with it. This broke my heart. But after a few weeks I got over it.

Fast forward a few months and I went to set up cash app. It needed a phone number for the app and mine wasn’t working so I put his in. And it told me that I already had an account and gave me a name. I hadn’t seen this name before. So I put it into google and found a link tree. This lead me to find an only fans, Snapchat and twitter. That my partner had been using throughout our entire relationship. I wasn’t able to see the content but I was able to see captions and they implied he’d been talking to lots of people online during our relationship. It’s worth noting at this point we had just put down a mortgage on a house together. Again I felt so betrayed because again it felt like my trust had been shattered. I’d asked for the whole truth after the first incident and was assured I had it. But here I was finding more out.

There was another occasion that we decided to explore introducing a third into our relationship for dates and threesomes. So we both downloaded dating apps. By this point my partner had said he was curious about his sexuality. And he had never felt comfortable enough to consider this before. Being bi myself I encouraged him to explore it on these dating apps. I just asked that he gave me full transparency. But I started to realise he wasn’t being honest about it. He was hiding messages and denying speaking to people. And again my trust was broken.

By this point in our relationship I really struggled to trust him at all. And I felt really distant from him surrounding sex. We went from having an exciting incredible sexual relationship, to me feeling like just another method he had to get off. And I just felt so much betrayal surrounding the whole thing. I felt I had pushed my boundaries and been very open and honest throughout the whole thing but he wasn’t able to do the same for me. All of this started about 2 years ago and the last incident was about a year ago now. And still to this day I do not trust him to be honest with me surrounding sex. I’m aware that he chats to people online. I’m aware that he hides things from me. But I don’t want to keep rehashing everything. I am currently 9 months pregnant. And he assures me all the time that I am his world and that I know everything. But I know I never will. It is something I have come to terms with by now. But will always be hurt by. And always cast doubt in my mind. I don’t feel I’ll ever feel I trust him fully. But I have chosen to stay. Partly because I love him. And partly because I am too far in now to back out. I am happy 95% of the time. But I will always have this shadow over our sex life

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