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Married but caught feelings. Help!

Been married for a year and found out recently my husband had been paying for nudes from internet girls been going for sensual massages all pre-marriage.

Confronted him and he basically said that it was all done and I need not be worried. Naturally the self esteem took a blow and I became attracted in hindsight to a male colleague. It progressed and turned into more than friends. We slept together and he was so charming post all this like the day after but fast forward to a week later his been radio silent, no communication whatsoever always said that I’m married and this is dangerous and now after the deed doesn’t even speak to me at work.

Did he just use me? I’m shattered. And disgusted in myself for letting things get this far should I op to leave the marriage as I betrayed the trust? And did he just use me and through me away like some trash. Hurt and lost.

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