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“He wants to take the kids”

I found out that my husband of five years was cheating on me and leaving with another woman for three months and I kicked him out. He was making me feel I was paranoid and obsessed but I saw his text message as he had his phone sharing things with the laptop. I saw everything.

After that, I accepted it and was living my life again. After five years, I was very depressed and I was not happy at all. We were being cordial for the kids. He came to my house to see them and the last time he came crying – he is regretting his decision, she was controlling him, bla, bla, bla. The worst part is I believed him and we kissed. He told me he has to make a big decision.

The next day he was texting me about the birthday party of his girlfriend's daughter, asking if I would allow the kids to go. Still one month until the party and I said we will speak in person. He started getting angry that I don’t allow the kids with him that he wants to marry her. So I said after what we did yesterday and you tell me and she listened to it. So she went mental and they had a big argument and now he is blaming me for all that... why I said that... and threatened that he is going to make my life a hell and he will take the kids. I am very tired of always being the one to blame for his lies and for everything. Any suggestions what to do?

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