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“Cherry pie”

Two months ago my husband asked me to order something for him and I couldn’t find the link so I looked on his phone. What I found was a text exchange between him and a woman who works for him. He referred to her in the text exchange using a version of her name but more flirtatious. They exchanged pics of their cats, he sent pics of himself with one of our kids, they talked a lot about people at work and recipes.

What was most disturbing was the part from him to her that said “I couldn’t send this over work Skype but I know you would appreciate this: I’m glad we are not in the office because I would so eat your cherry pie, and then thought I shouldn’t hit send on that. And I didn’t mean it like that but after I saw it, I read it like that. And now I can’t stop singing Cherry Pie by Warrant”...

I confronted him and he feels horrible. He swears nothing is going on, and that this came from a joke that started at a restaurant they ate in where the desserts have very racy names. I want to believe him but I’ve asked him if she’s texted him personally since and he actually lied and said no. When I told him I thought he was lying, he said it was because he didn’t want to deal with talking about it. Am I crazy?

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