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She keeps texting my boyfriend

I have a boyfriend. Lately we have been arguing non stop, yet he has been very dismissive about my concerns. I talked to him several times, yet he doesn't change himself. He has a female friend who lives in another country.

Months ago I learnt when they first met, the girl proposed to him when she was drunk to change her citizenship. He told me he rejected her, however this girl kept asking him to go to holiday with her alone several times after months of this proposal.

He said she is a good friend, and proposal was basically a joke, and she was drunk. Yet, my gut says it is not that simple, otherwise she wouldn't have asked him to go to holiday several times with her alone. Time to time I ask my boyfriend if they talk daily he said no, once in 1 week or 2. Yet when we were spending time together with my boyfriend for 2 weeks, I realized that she kept texting my boyfriend on IG. I asked him what she wants, because there were too many messages, he said probably videos etc. Yet, I am stuck in this situation.

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