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So my ex girlfriend and I both used drugs together and are both now clean. In a period of 6 months we had moved in together and used together. All we did was fight. She cheated on me at least once I know of. We are still talking via text.She said she wants to start as friends first and go from there. She stopped saying I love u I am the first to reach out.. I told her I'm not texting first anymore so at the end of that day she asked me how my day went. It just doesn't seem like she is very interested I double and triple text. I know that's not good. She doesn't want to talk about the past anymore. I'm just supposed to suck it up. I dk. I am in love and she says she is too but it doesn't feel that way. She wants time to work in herself and I get it. I need to as well. I just don't want to waist any time if there is nothing in the end. Is she just keeping me as an option? What do I do??

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