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I don't want to ruin their relationship

First i wanna say is that i don't want to ruin their relationship!

I feel in love with guy. And one day i texted him and we talked nice and few times ago he fall asleep next day i saw him on school And he acted like I'm not existed i though that he don't know who was girl from last night. I accepted this fact and continued to live.

Next day i talked about him in german class and one girl told me that "i love him, he's so attractive" and i told her if she wanted i could don't love him anymore but she said that we can love him same time and i was like okay! But she started to tell me things about him and she was like "he huged me" "ohhh....he text me a letter" she was his classmate and i wasn't. I started nervous and etc.

Few times ago i heard that one girl was his girlfriend and i was so sad. But i reply at her story something and we talked about our scars and etc. And she told me that when she tell him that she cutting herself he bite her and i was so sad.

Few weeks ago They broke up and i was so sad because i don't wanted that. And few times ago she text me that they are gonna be still together after valentines day. I was alone and he was happy with his girlfriend. But now i have to see this couple every day and i see that they are so in love with each other and i don't wanna ruin their relationship. I think his gf know that i love her boyfriend. I can't handle it no more.

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