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Don’t know if I should stay or go

Don’t know if I should stay or go me and my Boyfriend been together for three years within /2 months of us first dating he cheated on me I didn’t find out until it we were 4 months in by going through his phone dude the whole fighting and arguing thing forgave him and since he’s been having commitment issues he’s cheated numerous times now (texting other females, having them pull up to his job, kissing them) every time I caught him it’s been because I went through his phone while he was sleeping we always argue about it then he always makes me feel bad for wanting to leave so I stay a year ago we had a baby together and it’s still the same a few months ago he cheated again had sex with the girl and they did oral their little fling lasted about a month and a half I found out once it was over I guess but now I’m tired I’m unhappy I don’t trust him I always ask if he’s doing something or cheating or being unfaithful because I have a strong gut feeling that he is and he keeps denying it but that’s nothing new he did that when he was cheating I think I know deal down I need to end things because I’m unhappy and we argue all the time I’ve been nothing but faithful to him through all these things years even when he’s been nothing but the worst to me it’s just hard because I don’t want him to get out of our baby’s life or I don’t want to be blamed for breaking our family apart when really it’s his fault for always hurting me and doing me wrong I don’t even recognize myself anymore I’ve gained 40+ pounds my smile is fake I’m hurt. I lie and tell my family and friends that I’m happy but they ALL can see I’m not he really only cares about himself and what he wants if I let him borrow money he never pays it back the very few times I’ve borrowed from him he makes me pay back the exact amount he always plays the game gets mad when I ask him to take the trash out he doesn’t help clean the house when we both work full time I’m just over it how do you end a relationship when you have a kid together ? I also think he’s a narcissist

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