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I am emotionally cheating on my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. Our first year was great, we started dating the same month as my birthday and he went all out in throwing me a surprise and showering me with gifts and quality time. My birthday last year, we celebrated our first anniversary as well. That’s when I started feeling that he’s not exerting as much efforts in romantic stuff betwen the two of us. He did not try to plan anything for our first anniversary, for my birthday we did absolutely mothing. I held a grudge and brought up how I felt in every argument we had last year. This year was better, I offered to plan put our anniversary weekend and as long as he goes along with it I’m good. For my actual birthday tho, our night did not end well as I expected. We ate dinner and he promised to take me somewhere after but we were sitting in his car at the parking lot 30 minutes after dinner and got the hint that he doesn’t want to do anything else after so I expressed how upset that makes me. I planned something that weekend with my friends and him and told him he can’t back out because I already feel like my birthday night went to waste.

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