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“Transgender addiction?”

I am actually so surprised to see so many others going through this.. I thought it was just me. I totally don't understand why men would want to look at transgender women if they are not bi or something along those lines. Is this associated with sex addiction? My partner has had major trauma in his younger years which I think has led him to be how he is today. He has cheated more than once. He is constantly looking at porn.

Now I have recently discovered he had been looking at transgender. He says he is not bi. He just likes the look of them. He physically cannot help himself even if he wanted to I don't think he would. He has said several times he doesn't want to be like this. If u don't want to be like something then don't. The only reason I have stayed is because I believe he has issues and I don't like to give up on people. Obviously the fact that I love him is there also. If there are any men out there or women who have advice as to when he can't control himself. Our sex life is great in my opinion we have a lot of sex so I just don't get it.

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