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“Husband doesn't care about sex”

My husband says he doesn't care about sex, and how he could care less about it. He's got a low sex drive etc. However his Google history says otherwise - it's all pornhub. I'm the one who always starts it, at least 90 percent of the time. I've suggested all kinds of things to spice things up because it's the same every time. Basically there's very little foreplay unless it's me to him.

In the winter time he was home so I took control and just started doing it and trying to not care. Well than I saw that if we didn't do anything, if I didn't start it, he'd wait literally till I walked out the door, then it was right to pornhub. Like if he's horny why not just say something? Like not once has he ever just tried to please me with nothing in return unless again I'm in the middle of my own time on my own, then sometimes he will. Usually he comes in, gets his phone and leaves and goes on his way.

I'm not sure if it's worth mentioning but I've had a big weight loss and I'm not sure if it's me getting in my head or not. But I'm starting to wonder if he's just not sexually attracted to me anymore? I'm not sure what to think or do or is it normal I'd say up until xmas it was 2-3 months in between. Since xmas it was almost every other day when I took control since I had enough of months in between, but again I got tired of being the only one to say anything. And yes he does knows it bugs me and here we are still.

I should add the only one day I can count he will start it is valentine day which makes me even more mad. But, as I said above, in the winter I took over and it wasn't to bad. I bought us a sexy game and stuff. We never have played it and when I took it out to play he's like meh and put it away and we just did usual sex.

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