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“He watches pornography”

My bf and I have know each other since we were little kids and we been tg for 3 years and 8 months and I have seen in his phone history a lottt of porn. I talked to him about watching it that I really don't want u watching porn there's no need to watch it if we have sex and all he can say is okay and seems like it's no big deal but it is for me bc he has asked me why can't I do stuff like her( meaning like why can't I do what the porn girls do) and when he says that it makes me feel worthless and that I don't do a good job.

I told him when he says that stuff to me it make me feel I'm not good enough. He tells me I'm good enough and I do good anyway last night I told him again plz stop watching it I told him how I felt like he watches porn but denies us being intimate he's not in the mood but he watches porn and i just don't know what to do he just keeps doing it and seems like he doesn't care about how I feel.

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