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Should I leave my fiancé?

I am 25 years old female.
I got enaged 2 years back to the person with whom i was in relationship for 8 years. He loves, cares and resoects me. He is genuinly loyal person. Has made me comfortable and happy in this relationship.

He told me about a lady he was attracted to in his teenage years for her pretty face and that lady is also his relative but with conflicts with the family. But personality and nature of that lady is not according to him(he also knows that).

Recently that lady contacts him for some not so important thing. They talk with each other. She suffered in her relationship and apologized him( as she blocked him one he tried tk contact her).

She apologized talked and again blocked. Now that lady is over the nerves of my fiance. He is disturbed by this thing.

I asked him to approach her and if she agrees so move on with her.
But he cannot move.
He does not want to leave me. May be out of kindness or what ( i cant understand).

I do not understand the intention of that lady as well . what is the reason of contacting a commited person..
I am in so much pain..
And don't know what to do.
How should we react in this situation.?

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