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Sharing stress

When you or your partner are stressed, try not to think of it as my stress or your stress. Instead, think of it as our stress – something for you to deal with together.

This animation shows why it’s best to work together as a couple, even when only one of you is going through a hard time.

Now it’s time to set some goals. A goal can be a thing you want to happen, or a way you want to be. Goals are a good way to make sure you use the new skills you are learning.

How to set goals

What would you like to do differently?

You can set goals by going to your account and clicking on ‘Goals’.

Then you can either choose your own goal or pick one from our list:

  • Make eye contact to show I understand.
  • Comfort my partner when they are upset.
  • Try to listen more.
  • Ask my partner questions to find out more.
  • Reassure my partner.

The most important thing is to PRACTISE. Whatever goals you choose, try them out over the next few weeks. The more you practise, the better you will get.

Take a break

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It's a good idea to take a break here before moving on.

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