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How can I support my partner?

  1. Emotional support: This is when you show that you have understood.
  2. Practical support: This is when you offer ways of solving the problem.

Emotional support is important because it shows your partner that you are there for them.

Often, it’s better just to listen first without offering advice.

  • Listen to your partner’s feelings.
  • Show that you understand.
  • Give them a confidence boost: “You can do it!”
  • Stick together.
  • Reassure them.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t offer practical support at all, but you should try to offer emotional support first.

This video shows you how this works. In the first version of the story, Liam only offers practical support. In the second version, we rewind and Liam offers emotional support first. Can you see the difference in the way Naomi reacts?

Watch the next video for a breakdown of what's happening in each version.


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