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No sex for eight months

We have not had sex since august 20 2020 .he has lots of excuses like he has ed cant get hard . Corna virus . He had family member die . Our cat died . Ect I dont no because he does not try to have sex with me. And he does not sleep with me anymore . He sleeps on the couch. I have asked I have begged . He liked oral but since August nothing i ask him he says no .when I bring it up . He says he had enough .and he is leaving me and bring up anything he brought for us . I have brought him lots of items i never being that up. He also says i am crazy . .if I am cleaning he says I am on crack . The other day I took off my bra . He told me put clothes on and quit acting like a coke horror .I have never been told to cover my boobs up .guys usually beg for me to show them he is on porn alot he does virtual reality porn .

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