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My girlfriend's guy best friend

I am a college student and I met this wonderful women who happens to be my girlfriend. She has a guy best friend and I was always aware of that and I had no problem as well as I was also "the best friend" many times previously.

Last night we had a call and she was talking about a fight she and her best friend is going through. She gets jealous of her best frnd having other frnds and all. So a question popped up in my head and i asked if the two of them or either one of them ever had a soft corner for the other one. To which she replied by saying "Not really".

I knew that she was lying as a friend of mine already said me before i got into relationship with her that the guy liked my girl. Although he is dating another woman right now but i do slightly feel a little insecure about it.

I trust my girlfirend but i also know that if there is ever a situation where she has to choose either of us she will definitley choose him over me.

Tonight I asked her to explain the whole situation to me as i deserve to know the past the two of them had.

Am I doing a right thing? Is it okay to feel a little insecure? im not jealous of him but i'm concerned that he doesnt get in between us.

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