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Me, You and Baby Too

The ’Me, You and Baby Too’ course is no longer freely available on Click. For more info, please contact us on:

Or visit the information page on our OnePlusOne site.



Having a baby is one of the biggest changes you and your partner can go through. You’ll both be tired and stressed, and you may argue more.

"Me, You and Baby Too" is a course designed to help you learn to argue better so that you can sort things out and move on together. This will be better for you, better for your partner, and better for your baby. The course will teach you things like:

  • What your baby knows before they are even born.
  • Why stress should be a shared burden.
  • How you and your partner can best support each other.
  • How to talk to bring up difficult topics.
  • How arguments start, and how to stop them.



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