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Husband's female friend suspicious

To give you some backstory. My husband has this friend he met in the Navy about 4 years ago before we started dating. I met him when I was in high school, but didn’t start dating him till about 2 years ago. I met his female friend one day about a year ago and at first I liked her and she seemed nice, we bonded some, but then I started to notice some strange behavior. I know my husband would never be unfaithful and he’s not remotely attracted to her but I guess I wonder what her feelings are because to me it looks like she has some feelings towards him.She texts him all the time about her boyfriend problems and whenever they hangout she hugs him when she leaves and when I’m there she gets super tense and awkward.

Before we got married she seemed like she was trying to flirt w him at times and of course my husband denied this he said he can tell but I just had a weird feeling about it she was leaned forward talking to him and wearing provocative clothes and complaining about her relationships and at one point she tried to hangout with him alone but my husband told me I could come so I showed up and she seemed bummed that I was there.

I tried to ignore all of this, but then she came to our wedding by herself and she had a bf at the time. She didn’t bring a friend or her man and it was just weird and she would only talk to him and all his friends during the wedding and none of the girls. She even showed up to his bachelor party and drank with them and stayed the night. I was mad about it I talked to my husband calmly abt this and he told me that nothing happened and she was just there and she’s super Tom joy and he’s not used to having girl friends so that’s probably why she didn’t interact with us much. But this is just still weird to me. Am I crazy ?

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