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How do I know?

For a while now my best friend has been dropping what I have been getting are hints that she and my boyfriend of nearly 9 years are talking/hanging out. I don't know if this is true or not. She can be very manipulative and mean. I didn't think I would ever experience this from her on a personal level. She is the kind of women who uses men. Anyways. There has been several things that have led me to believe that is is letting me know the truth but in her own mean way. The most recent one being.. She came down with a cold and it's a really bad one it took her out for nearly a week. And a couple of days later my boyfriend came down with the same cold. They. Ever see each other as far as they let me know. What do you think is the likely hood that this would happen. I don't know anyone one else who has come down with a bad cold or any cold for that matter besides the two of them. And there has been alot of other things that have happened dthat lead me to believe this as well. Tha KS! Becat

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