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First girlfriend and how I feel about her past

Hey everyone! I've recently entered into my first long-term relationship. She asked me out after a casual makeout and I answered yes. It has been 3 months since then. We both are strongly committed to our relationship, but there has been this thing that has been bugging me. I really love her, and I do everything to make her mood positive. I always keep a check on her health and I try my best to give her everything she wants. The problem is I don't like some of the doings of her past. She used to be a heavy drinker and used to smoke weed daily for around 2 years.

Though I don't usually judge anyone I have started judging her past. She has developed a lot of health-related problems in these recent 2 months and we are in an LDR as of now. All of her problems are mostly related to these bad habits of her related to drinking and weed. I really love her but I can't stand the fact that she has done these things, which I would never have done. Also, I have been told by my family since childhood that these are bad habits, and never to engage in such activities. I have only drank twice that too just a sip. I don't intend to drink and smoke weed, but I always thought since day 1 to be in a long-term relationship with her. My beliefs have molded me to believe that these are not good things to do. Also, after seeing the toll this has taken on her physical(reproductive) and mental health, I have grown to dislike these things more. Whenever she talks about her past when she drank too much and did something fun(according to her), I feel a burning sensation in my heart. I don't know what exactly it is but I feel like I judge her for her past, which is obviously not a good thing and might lead to toxicity in the future.

She has a lot of workloads nowadays and barely gets time to sleep, so is also not able to follow the doctor's advice properly. Daily, around 6-7 hours I give to her so that she can manage everything and she remains happy with a healthy mind. I video call her to know her state of mind, and to see if she is happy or not, I regularly check if she has taken her medications and food on time, I always try to motivate her that this is a tough time and that will pass soon, I always try to be supportive in all ways possible. But this has led her to believe that she doesn't deserve me.

As this is my first relationship, I've never touched another girl before (even casual) and have never kissed a girl before her. This is her 2nd relationship, and because of that sometimes I feel retroactive jealousy. We had a talk once where she shared that she has had sex 15-20 times in her previous relationship( which lasted for 3 years) and she even told me 10-12 different positions in which she has had sex with her previous boyfriend. This has seriously bothered me so much, that I've cried alone twice in my room. She has had drunk sex and she even told me that she has 4 lingeries( 3 of them gifted).

This information has burned a hole in my heart. The person I considered so special, so lovable, so beautiful, so caring has had a love for another person and had shared her body with someone besides me makes me feel extremely sad, which I again know is my fault. She didn't know that I existed earlier and she was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, she has all the right to do whatever she wanted. But this information makes me extremely sad and I've again cried about this thing as well. I've never touched a woman as I mentioned earlier, maybe this is the reason. We were booking a hotel to have some private time, and she had earlier been in the same hotel many times with her previous bf for sex. This information again made me sad.

All these factors together have led me to believe that maybe I deserve someone better, but this is the first time I have loved anyone so deeply and so truly. I obviously don't like a single thing about her past, and I don't know what to do.

So, my questions are:
1) How do I get over her sexual past? Sometimes, even some pictures come into my mind where she is wearing the lingerie given to her by her previous bf, and she is having sex in the positions which she told me about with her previous bf.
2) Why does she feel she doesn't deserve me?
3) I don't like her previous habits of drinking and smoking weed. How to get over this?

Because any time we talk about her past, these types of incidents pop into talk, which makes me feel sad. But I am also curious to know what more she has done.

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