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“Fiancé and best friend lying”

I recently found out from one of my best friends that our other best friend and my fiancé had sex before we were a thing - this I don't mind because we weren't a thing however I was then also told that she hit him up for sex again AFTER my fiancé and me moved in with each other at this point we would have met and were friends and she still hit him up - they decided to try and get a hotel to have sex.

Now my dilemma is that yes he did say to her lets not do this and so technically he didn't cheat but how can I trust him again? I have told him to remove her from his life and I will be doing the same but how can I ever trust him again. Did he technically cheat? Should I ask to see the messages between the both of them? I don't know what to do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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