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Does it get better?

Does it get better? Our daughter is 18 months, and unless she's ill she's very happy/content. Her Dad has her every other weekend, and whenever she's back with me she's in an emotional state. Routine goes out the window completely. He says while she's in his care she's absolutely fine/happy/content, etc. but I'm so stressed/upset dealing with the aftermath. Is this normal? Will it get better?

She's in a solid routine here. She's in nursery Mon-Fri, she sleeps 7pm-7:30am and naps 10am-12pm. I've got no idea what routine he has her in and I know I have no control over it, but when I get her back on the Sunday sometimes she hasn't been put down for a nap and is absolutely shattered, bedtime is a nightmare, and she cries/screams instead of just going to sleep like she usually does. She's also VERY emotional between picking her up and bedtime (everything makes her cry, she usually just wants to be cuddled) and nursery have commented that it takes awhile to get her back into 10am-12pm nap time etc.

He's wanting to add Sunday night/Monday to his time and I'm honestly dreading it. I don't want to stop it or come between their time, but I'm the one who's dealing with everything outside of his weekends and this just adds to it. It's like he gets the 'fun' time with her and I'm left just doing/worrying about everything else. I'm not sure what's best at this point, I just want what's best for our daughter. Any advice if you're in this position or have been before?

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