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"My heart is torn"

I am in desperate need of advice. I met a guy a little over a year ago at work. I did not feel any sparks or attraction whatsoever at first. He always seems shy and would only talk when spoken to. I would notice that when I was talking to someone else, he would stop and look at me, even though he was not part of the conversation. It almost seemed like he was watching me and the way I smiled and my mannerisms. I want to mention that he is younger than I by 9 years. I was happily married and never looked for anything more, that has since changed. Although, he is not aware of that. Fast forward to this year when covid entered the picture. We started working remotely and I got to know him over a different level. He is funny with a dry sense of humor and very intelligent. I noticed that it seemed like he never really had the same kind of connection with some of the other coworkers and would just get straight to the point with them and me, he liked to joke around a little. I would almost consider him flirting. He would ask personal question about things that I liked but never really gave too much away about himself. I finally saw him and I felt very anxious. I spoke with him briefly and he behaved like he always did before kind of shy and quiet. We talk pretty often over the computer and over these last few months, I felt like the chemistry was real. I am now wondering if this was just one sided. I recently was talking to him about a hard situation that I am going through in life and jokingly said so now be pleasant to me, in which he responded that he treats everyone the same (ouch). I then replied that I was joking and he was always pleasant to me and then he replied with a heart emjoi. I do want to add that our chats are monitored and he is very conscientious of that. I really like him and I am not sure what to do about it.

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