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“My husband's promiscuous past”
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My husband and I have been together for 8 years, married for 7. We are very in love and generally very happy.

He was married once before before and I knew that he had cheated on his then wife. I knew he slept with quite a few women in his life especially in his 20s. We have spoken at times about our past sexual history and he made me think he had been with around 30.

It’s lately come to light it’s more like 70 or more. I know it’s his past but it’s bothering me and more so that he lied. I understand why, he’s ashamed of it. He said if he had told me I wouldn’t have wanted to be with him and because he was so in love with me it was worth not telling the truth. In the time we’ve been together I have had no reason to doubt him.

How do I get this out of my mind before it destroys us. Please help :-(

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