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"Should I reach out?"

I'm divorced for about one year and have a three-year-old daughter. I started dating this guy for one month and things were going great. He knew about my past. But sometimes he wanted to relocate and telling me things might not workout. Recently he told me that he was not comfortable with my past and that he doesn't want any complications. But after this talk we ended up seeing each other again and things were great again.

Then five days ago he got upset at me of having a guy's penis pic in my phone and I tried to explain to him it was nothing, just a joke my friend send. He also said that I've been giving him signals that I wanted a quick hook up and I'm not what he was looking for. I know he gets stressed out easily from works. We haven't talked for five days now. Not sure if he's stressed out from his work again or he's still doesn't fully understand my expectations from this relationship or he really wants to end it. Should i reach out to him?

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