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Need to vent and need advice

I recently found out about my boyfriend cheating on me. He was speaking to two people behind my back through out our entire relationship. It started before me, when he learned that he might be dying, and then continued afterwards.

I was cheated on before, and so unfortunately for him and myself I was more aware of certain signs. So I snooped, which was something I never wanted to have to do ever again in my life. He had already began to purge his phone of evidence but I found it anyways. He cut contact and I do believe him. 

Now we are dealing with the aftermath. We are healing and working on us now. Obviously there are issues. The biggest one is the possibility of them reaching out and him giving in or not letting me know. I know for a fact that one did. Whether or not he lied to me about it, and the fact that she lives close enough to be able to try to meet him is still up in the air. I am debating on whether or not to bring this up. I didn’t open his phone again or go looking. I saw a notification on his tablet from his email and saw she emailed him a number of times trying to contact him but I know he did not reach out to her or meet her at that time. We have been attached at the hip since/was at the time it was sent. Plus he turned off his devices for a week to focus on us and to not have any temptations. Also to give me piece of mind that he wouldn't be messaging anyone.

I do believe in that fact that he doesn't want to contact them anymore, and wants to move on from that situation and focus on us. So I am debating on whether its my paranoia or its my gut telling me that he lied about this attempt to contact after we agreed to keep me in the loop of any attempts .

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