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“Animosity between friends”
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My friend had told me to join a live, so I did as told thinking that "it'll be fun". Only for me then to realize that she, and the other fifty people were tormenting this poor guy...just because he said "nigga." As a future female black youth leader, I was so disgusted by this, because we, in fact, go to a POC high school where the word is loosely used among all POC's so It was really unfair when he was automatically a "racist"...just because of the slip of the tongue.

What made me even angrier was when they had all started using his physical insecurities against him and telling him he was worthless. I, personally struggle with depression, so I know what trigger depression. Obviously I was extremely heated after the live, so I made a post about what ALL they did and how both parties were wrong. But then she came at me aggressive and stated that "you have no right to speak on this". So I brushed it off and told her personally what she had taken part in was wrong... ( she'd gotten several death threats online before and she should know what it's like to be in his shoes).

Then she got angrier and made a post about how she tired of playing games with people and etc. Previously she'd also posted that all her friends were inconsiderate and didn't listen to her...she also included examples of me putting my headphones in or just shutting down completely...but I suffer from BPD just like her and I need to take a moment to unwind sometimes and breathe..but I didn't take it to the heart. Instead I asked her why she felt that way and what I could do to be better friend, but she only left me on I unsent my messages and said forget it until this happened.

This morning, because I was so overwhelmed by everything I ended up having to step out of class to breathe, and she made another post stating that "go on and cry about your insecurities somewhere else...etc" I'm reading everything that I've typed back and trying to pin point where I was in the wrong...should I have approached the situation a little better. I feel like there is some built up animosity or jealousy that I may have contributed to...maybe I hurt her? ( we both obviously have bad social media habits)

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