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Emotional attachment to rejection
How do you cope with rejection when there is an emotional attachment? 3 times since my x split with me back in sept last year I have chatted to women, got to know them a bit, net up with 2 of them. Went well,but then all of a sudden were going down different paths, we want different things etc. I dont know how to shsje the emotional attachment to these women. Each rejection is a killer emotionally, im over come with tears and anxiety, I don't wanna eat, feel a bit sick and just want to cry. Today I sat on my stairs at home whilst the kids were in the garden playing, and cried for a good 30mins. All because I was getting along with a woman I had only been chatting to for 48 hours (yes its mad and insane I know) n as soon as I said I was still living in the family home (as I can't afford to rent anywhere and she won't sell) she jumped n said she had been cheated on before n blocked me on WhatsApp without even giving me a chance to explain. I left a voice note but it was too late. How can I get emotionally attached to someone in that small amount of time? How do I change that, to stop feeling do emotional when the rejection comes? I've been let down before, but its been fine. These last 2 months though have been a struggle emotionally, and I dont know how to cope with the emotion of it
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